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Mom of teen with Stage 5 CKD caused by Lupus

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  • Mom of teen with Stage 5 CKD caused by Lupus

    Hi All
    My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with Lupus back in May when we found that her kidneys were failing. They quickly figured out that her SLE is what had caused her kindeys to deteriorate and started her on Chemo for the lupus right away. Even though the chemo stopped the Lupus attack, Jade's kidneys kept getting worse throughout the last couple of months. She received the hemodialysis catheter about a month ago and is now doing dialysis three days a week at the Childrens hospital near us. Thankfully we have been blessed with a lot of support from family and friends who have been helping us work through this time. Jade will be receiving her last chemo treatment in October after which she will be placed on the transplant list for us to start the process of getting her a shiny new(ish) kidney.
    I have come to this site to learn more about options for things that I can cook for Jade and a good resource for meals that includes phosphorus information since I have a hard time finding that on any ingredients.

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    If you look on the top of this page under "recipes", each recipe has a list of the nutrients in it, including phospherous, etc. I find it a huge help to me in my diet and I hope it helps you too. I am so sorry about your daughter. I hope everything turns out good for her--and all the rest of the family too as this disease isn't just a one person disease, it affects the whole family. I will pray for all. chris


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      Ohhh what a story