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Is education a must-have to become successful in life or can you do well without it?

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  • Is education a must-have to become successful in life or can you do well without it?

    The importance of education cannot be argued with. There are people who say no education is not needed for a successful life. I disagree because it is education that will take you to the next level in life or else you will continue to stay at the level of mediocrity.

    Education shapes us as human beings. Education is broad term but what I’m referring to here is formal education sought in schools and colleges. Do you think these undergraduates and postgraduates are spending a fortune on studies is all for nothing? They don’t know the payoff or are they blind?

    So if you have this perception that you can be successful without being educated you are sadly mistaken. You can seek UK essay writing help online. There may be exceptions where people with no or little education may have gone on to become wildly successful but that wasn’t for lack of trying. Their predicaments might have been tough which didn’t allow them to pursue studies.

    But you, in this day and age, what is stopping you from seeking the best education out there? You think education is expensive, okay it is but is that an excuse for not having to study at all? There are a lot of e-learning websites out there which can teach a ton of skills that will help you ace your job or can even assist you launching an entrepreneurial career, only if choose to look.

    Tell me of individuals who have climbed the corporate ladder without a formal education. Tell me of individuals who have had access to best medical care without being formally qualified. For more information on how to pay someone to do my essay, look for help online. Tell me of individuals who have upgraded their lifestyle without having access to education. You can’t because there aren’t any.

    Why I say this is because when you are qualified, you are in a position to land better jobs due to your specialized knowledge and skills. You not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. You quickly catch on to how things work in an organization and devise ways to perform those tasks in an even better way.

    As an educated individual, you learn to challenge the status quo and stand out. Consequently, you rise up the corporate ladder and in turn, make more money. You can buy your own house, car, have access to improved healthcare etc. but not without working hard for it and that effort my friend was your pursuit of education that has presented you with the world of opportunities.
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    Education never stops but if you look around you will see lots of people with only a high school degree who are doing well for themselves. Formal education is not for every one. I think statistics show that higher education, ie college does usually provide a higher level of living, it is not always necessary for everyone. Not everyone is cut out for higher education. It is ambition and goals that make a person successful. And there are different judges of success. Monetary success does not always bring happiness.
    Just a different opinion from the one above.


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