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Are any areas of the Appalachian Trail hemodialysis friendly?

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  • Are any areas of the Appalachian Trail hemodialysis friendly?

    Just curious has anyone on hemodialysis tried to hike any areas of the Appalachian trail hemodialysis friendly for someone considering a hike along the trail.Possibly considering a 10 to 14 day hike. I live in VA but do not necessarily have to start there.

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    I would guess that the parts around Maine are the friendliest.....


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      I suggest you pick an area to start your hike and do some research of the surrounding area to see if any dialysis centers are nearby. You may have to step off the trail and travel a little to get to a center. If you decide you want to hike Pennsylvania give me a shout. The Appalachian trail is 10 minutes from my house. There's also a Davita center in the town I used to live at and that's about a 2 minute drive from the trail. If you need a ride just give me a shout when you will be in the area and I will be happy to pick you up and take you to the center. If you need a comfortable place to rest and recover after the dialysis I'm sure my wife wouldn't be opposed to having you stay a day or two at our place. Afterwards, I can join you for a day hike on the trail.

      Below is a good place to start. Checkout the section titled "How can I reach out to past thru-hikers to get tips and advice?" They mention kidney transplants but there may be some info regarding hiking with CKD and dialysis centers.

      The following isn't about hiking and dialysis but I found the article inspiring:
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        I live in Virginia also and not to far from the trail. Not sure about the actual trail to hike but it seems like the area between Roanoke and North Carolina on the trail would be a good area. Why not start in your own back yard.