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DaVita does NOT know what ADVANCE Planning means!

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  • DaVita does NOT know what ADVANCE Planning means!

    Planning a Vacation with DaVita is a JOKE - worst part of Vacation. DaVita does not know what Advance Planning means and they certainly do NOT communicate with the patient. They sure know how to make a vacation STRESSFUL!! Our local center in Kenner gets a minus 10 rating for vacation planning.

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    Hello, thank you for your feedback. If you have concerns about a DaVita center, you may reach out to the Guest Services team at 1-800-400-8331 or I hope this helps! Have a great day.



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      I agree. I recently traveled to Indianapolis for a long weekend. I was meeting friends on Wednesday and needed to know my seat times. On Monday, 48 hours from using an Indianapolis center, I knew nothing. My center made some calls, an came back with my times were 6:30 AM for Wednesday and Friday, which meant I was going to have to drive all night. Now I had put my travel requirements in to the system in May. Wednesday after 10:00 AM, and Friday as close to 6 as possible. So this was half right. So I accepted it. Then on Tuesday, 24 hours prior to my seat time, I get a call from the Indianapolis center telling me that the 6:30 time in no longer available. My new time is 11:30 AM, which is OK for Wednesday, but terrible for Friday. No effort is made to see if any of the numerous other centers in and around Indianapolis can meat my request. I almost skipped going to the center on Friday, but my friends made me see the light of health over fun. This was a terrible experience, which was made worse by me being told that the 6:30 AM slot existed, but a new patient kicked me out of the slot. Which to my mind was not available for the new patient.