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  • Favorite clinic when traveling

    I don't know if I'm the only one but why can't our home clinic keep a record of the clinics we use when traveling? I go to New Orleans, LA and Jacksonville, Arkansas often and try to use the same places because they know me now. The last time in New Orleans they placed me in a clinic I couldn't get to so no dialysis that trip.
    This information should be kept at least by the social worker if no one else. I think it would make travel easier.

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    nolanomad that is a disappointing experience. I would recommend working with social worker directly and provide social worker with the clinic list and travel dates. I would also provide list to the nurse and the clinic manager. Providing dates early is helpful to ensure you can get your time and location secured. Sometimes the clinics that accept visitors fill up fast. You may even want to contact the clinics you plan to visit to ensure they have an opening. I can appreciate the comfort of returning to a clinic that is familiar with you care. Travel is important and I am not sure if you have ever considered home dialysis but that may be another option to explore with your doctor. Home dialysis makes travel easier because you are not necessarily reliant on an in center facility for dialysis support when you travel. Also, some dialysis companies have a guest services department that you can call directly and they will help you set up travel. Good luck and keep pushing to find a solution.