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What type of power converter needed to use Cycler in Canada?

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  • dac0214
    Where are you coming from-which country? What is the draw of her equipment? Volts, amps, watts? FWIW, in all of North America, we use 110V, 60HZ electric, with either 2-prong polarized, or 3-prong sockets.

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  • What type of power converter needed to use Cycler in Canada?

    Wondering what kind of power converter my wife needs to use her cycler in Vancouver. Will a travel 220 to 110v converter (rated at 1600watts) do the job or is a heavy duty converter required? The latter I intended to use only has two slot for the plug (so an adapter to convert the cycler 3 prong to 2 prongs) will have to be used. The adapter will still need to be used with a heavy duty convert I found on Amazon to convert the converter's 3 prong plug to the Canadian 2 prong outlet...

    Urgent reply needed as we are traveling on Wednesday. Will have to order the heavy duty this weekend and ask for 2 day delivery to get it before leaving on Wednesday. If it fails to arrive Tuesday we may be forced to do manual transfers for the 2 days will be in Vancouver before our AK cruise departs on the 29th (yuk)!
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