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  • Traveled on PD.

    I flew to Boston to visit family. Security let me through without any body check at all.That was bad, I think.I wasn't allowed to take my machine on the plane with me, as it as a very small plane. Although it was within the airline's limits for on board luggage, they refused because they said it wouldn't fit.It was loaded into the cargobay at the gate.

    When I set up the machine I discovered it was broken and the cassettes wouldn't load. I called Baxter and they overnighted a new machine to me. It arrived in 20 hours. I had to skip PD fo one night, but had no bad effects.

    The trip home went smoothly although again the machine was in the cargo bay. It arrived safely. I didn't panic because I knew Baxter would take care of me, and they did. I'm planning another trip during the summer and that one will not be a direct flight. One tip.....
    I purchased a travel dolly for the machine at Target for $21. It was invaluable.

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    I just recently drove from Kansas City to North Carolina, and didn't think to buy the dolly until on the trip home. It made all the difference in the world. Baxter delivered some bags to my son's house and they made it a day earlier than expected. Great service.


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      Currently on a business trip to San Diego. Flight was no problem. Security just checked the machine with that wand thing after it went through the scanner. Baxter delivered solution to my Hotel. Only thing that sucks is that the Hotel sub contracted to UPS Store and they charged me to receive the boxes. Nasty letter to the Hotel & UPS Store to follow shortly. I will keep you apprised of the situation.