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Sleeping on nocturnal hemo

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  • Sleeping on nocturnal hemo

    Hi any suggestions for getting sleep on nocturnal hemo. It has been about three months and i still cannot sleep. I have tried hot baths lavendar ambien 5mg without success. Anybody else feel like a zombie at work after noc hemo? 😳

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    Howmelton I am not sure if you are on in center nocturnal or home hemodialysis nocturnal but exploring home nocturnal may be an option you can discuss with your Nephrologist. Sometimes being at home makes a huge difference in sleep quality. Home hemodialysis at night requires a partner so that is another consideration if you are currently dialyzing in a clinic. Review your labs with your MD and dietician to see if anything is out of range which can contribute to restless legs or the need for more dialysis. Both can lead to difficulty sleeping. Please reach back out if you have other questions or can provide more detail and we would be happy to respond.
    Kind regards, MichelleDaVitaRN


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      My son returned to dialysis in January after a failed transplant. He began nocturnal home hemodialysis to enable him to keep his job. He too walks around like a zombie, eyes half closed, dragging his body through life. I spoke to other people who were very successful with nocturnal and thought it was great. He/we are not yet at that point. His PTH is still way out of whack, as is his hemoblogin (standard for him). All of his other labs are great. I was wondering if there is a difference because he has had a failed transplant and is returning to dialysis post graft failure. I'm curious if HOWMELTON is post graft failure as well.