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Waiting to hear if my dad receives a kidney

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  • Waiting to hear if my dad receives a kidney

    Hi there, so my father was diagnosed in 95 with ESRD, he has been on Home Hemo for 5 years now and has been on the list for about as long (on and off active list). anyhoo, last night he got a call saying that a kidney became available and it is between him and one other recipient. So the waiting began! This morning at 7am (EST), he got another call saying they would know in 2-3hrs. I know that there are many varients and reasons that would prolong this wait, and we are waiting patiently.

    My question is, Will they call him to let him know that he did not recieve it?

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    I realize it's been a while since you posted your remarks about your dad and his kidney, but I'd like to know if he ever got it or if they called you to say he didn't. i surely hope he did!