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    Three months before, I too had this surgery at Justsavelives clinic which worked quite well for me. I’m truly satisfied with the result I gain from this surgical procedure. After being on dialysis for a year, this surgery gave me a new life. I’ve read information about this surgery on various websites like and participated in various message boards to resolve all my queries related to this surgical process. After a long research, I decided to go for kidney transplant which truly prove beneficial for me.
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      I was just accepted by the transplant team and approved by the insurance company. They again asked that I campaign to get a live kidney. This is really hard for me to do. I have done all the transplant team has asked. The cards were given to children, my husband informed the extended family by email and through FB. The church also has been informed. For me to ask someone is hard. My children can have polycystic kidneys too. I believe my Dad's family is where I got this from. Many of my Aunts and my grandma also died at an early age before what they know about dialysis and kidney's. That would be before the 1970's. So at 66 I am waiting for the GFR and other numbers to show I need to start dialysis. With the BP going up this past two weeks with me taking meds three times a day because one pill equaling that doses would kill the kidneys, I feel it is getting closer. I still have a positive outlook on whatever happens. Just wanted to inform my friends and let others know that there is a future even if it is dialysis or transplant. My lives verse is Proverbs 3:5--6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.
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        Sheila I had my transplant 7 months ago also got cmv just wondering how you are doing now