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More than one transplant?

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  • More than one transplant?

    After a transplant after If your new kidney "takes , will you always need another transplant later. If so why. My husband was recently diagnoised with late stage for CKD , and not sure transplant is the way to go , if have to having transplants

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    It's not quite as cut and dried as that. The average kidney from a live donor lasts up to 15 years, but I have met people whose graft has lasted 40 and still going.
    A deceased donor kidney usually does not last quite as long as from a live donor.
    While you have the transplant, for almost everyone, the quality of life is better than on dialysis.
    Don't get me wrong, there are challenges. It took two years to get my drugs sorted, and that is absolutely normal. You start on high doses and the doctors drop the dose as time goes on as long as you are not having rejection episodes.
    Generally dialysis doesn't remove as many toxins as a transplanted kidney so you don't feel as healthy. Also, dialysis is harder on your heart.

    Everyone has to make their own choice, but if necessary, I will choose transplant again...