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  • transplant

    I had a transplant on June 22,2016 I had problems from the started. My instion never healed it was a big hole in my stamach where they put the new kidney.
    I ended up with infection with the instion. The kidney was ok and working it stopped working in Oct 19,2016. They tried everything at the Hospital I was at
    To save the kidney but I ended up having another surgery on November 27, 2016. To take out the kidney. Now I am back on dialysis and having problems with
    my depression. I guess it is normal to be depression after what I went through. That what the nurses are telling me at my dialysis unit.

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    I am sorry for your trouble. I have a friend in the UK whose kidney failed within months, and she definitely had feelings of loss and depression. She is now doing home hemo and, for the most part, has pulled out of her funk. But when she has a bad dialysis day, she still gets down.
    I hope you find some peace and acceptance, and if possible another chance for transplant.