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  • Introducing myself

    Hi alll, I've just found this site and I'm so happy that there is so much information available now. I was diagnosed with ESRF when i was 14. I'm now 58. My dad gave me a kidney when transplants were very new. I've been living a normal life for over 43 years with my dad's kidney. I have had two healthy sons, and I am so thankful. It seems though that right now, my dad's kidney would have been 83 years old. As we age, our organs age too, and I've noticed my creatinine creeping up slowly. It's about 1.3 now. The GFR rate is 40. I wanted to use this site so that I could find the best foods to eat so that I keep this kidney for as long as I can. I realize that I am not the norm in transplants, but I'm an informaiton junkie on diets.

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    Welcome. It's nice to hear a success story when it comes to long lived transplants. You are wise to take proactive steps now to prolong the life of your transplanted kidney. I have been able to ward off dialysis and transplant for years now with diet, exercise and meds. I will be receiving a kidney in Dec 2016 and I am wracked with thoughts and emotions about my (live) donor being my one and only sister. I know you were really too young to think about all that when you got your dad's kidney, but do you have any advice for me post operatively? How did you deal with any "guilt" that came up?


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      I understand the feeling of guilt but not for a family member. My son's friend, age 37, donated his kidney to me. He was a perfect match in all areas. I did a lot of praying for him and the surgery which was just October 14th. A week and a half and he is doing much better than me. He is already walking a mile and I am only able to walk for 5 minutes three times a day. His kidney is working perfect and the doctors are surprised at the creatinine levels and GFR is so high>above 60. I went from 8 to above 60. The would not tell me how much above but they told me it was not a usual statistic. Before the surgery I was fearful that the kidney would be given and I would have a hidden kidney infection. I prayed that if I had one that God would make it known and he did. Six weeks before the surgery I was hospitalized with a serious infection worse than any I ever had before. It was cared for and surgery went on as expected. I do not feel guilty because I have peace that God would care for my donor and me. I call my donor and he is so happy he was able to help his friend. I try not to worry that my boys will develop PKD at the age of 40 or have the kidney disease my mom and brother had. I will just keep praying and leaving them in God's hands. I realized that if God made me he would know what I would go through and help heal me if that is His plan. When the donor became available it seemed like all the doors I or my donor had to do was perfect. Keep a positive attitude.