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Transplant scheduled for the 13th of June.. but..

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  • Transplant scheduled for the 13th of June.. but..

    My transplant committee approved my brother in law to give me a his kidney. Fantastic right? Only thing that confuses me is.. They did a bunch of tests on him (normal) but they didn't do one important test.. that being the cross match. They told him that because I have such low antibodies that rejection risk is very low. However they will be doing a cross match 1 week before the surgery as required by law. I mean I just don't understand why they would go through with all of this without knowing for 100% that we are a match. Any input?


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    I have not had a transplant but I think I read that the matching isn't as needed as it used to be. You don't have to be a perfect match. Sorry I couldn't help more. Glad you are getting a kidney. Good Luck!


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      mwaite1989, how did it go? I had my transplant 3 years ago and they did my cross-match twice. Once when my donor was identified and then again one week prior to surgery. They have to do really close to transplant to ensure there are no last minute health issues with the Donor that would put one or both of you at risk. I am hopeful your went off successfully and you are recovering nicely!


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        mwaite1989, I hope the surgery went through and that you are recovering.
        Where I come from, they always do the crossmatch again at the end, just to ensure you haven't somehow developed antibodies. I haven't heard of not doing it sooner but their logic seems ok, since all other tests were good and your antibodies were low.