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  • Healthy enough to donate?

    My fiancee was recently diagnosed with ESRD, which led me to wonder if I could possibly donate a kidney to her, or through a swap program. However, I recently had a physical which raised a couple of yellow flags. Firstly, my estimated GFR was 60, which puts me just one point short of kidney disease myself. The other yellow flag was my blood sugar, which was a hair over normal at 104, and my A1C which was 5.5%. I'm also rather overweight. Would I be an acceptable donor?

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    Depending on your age GFR of 60 is reduced kidney function. 60-89 is stage 2 mild kidney disease. It also depends if you have had that number for at least 3 months in a row. Other issues can make your GFR go up and down. As we get older the GFR can lower though. A normal result for fasting blood glucose ranges from 70 – 110 mg/dL. According to criteria set by the American Diabetes Association so you are in the normal range. A1C is perfectly fine. If you are rather overweight I would get your weight down which in turn would make you healthier. So in the future you won't get diabetes. But all said and done you really need to ask her nephrologist to see if you might be an acceptable donor. You would have to go through testing anyway to see. I hope everything works out.