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  • Dialysis questions

    I am going to the vascular surgeon to have all the tests done for my fistula in Sept . Once it goes in how long does it take to recover and is it always going to stick up off my arm ? I'm so afraid of it I cry myself to sleep at night . I am still young at 39 how much will it effect my daily life and romantic life with my husband ? Any info would be great as that im not getting a lot of help . Thank you

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    Im so sorry this has happened to you.. I just found out that i have ckd.. I still have to see a specialist... Im so nervous..


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      I am 38, just found out I have stage 4 CKD. I am scared, too.


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        I have the same fears. I will have to also have arm surgery for a fistula. The only way to look at it is that while unpleasant it's better then dying. It might help to be on a mild tranquilizer like Ativan which can help you sleep and calm your fears a bit. You need doctor prescription to get it at the pharmacy