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Do you have IgA nephropathy as well?

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  • Do you have IgA nephropathy as well?


    I am 33 years and I found out I had
    IgA nephropathy stage 4 in 2014 after my pregnancy. My GFR is from 30 in 2014 now it is 26. I have been done so many things including become a vegan but it is still going down. Is there anyone has the same disease with me? I wonder how long it will last.

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    Are you taking fish oils? Need to take 12 grams a day. I would recommend the Rx fish oils, as they will be more free of contaminants. Has your doc tried steroids?


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      I have been diagnosed with IgA neph in Jan 2016. My EGFR is 30. Kidney can last for another 2 to 4 years.


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        Hi 48 I'm diagnosed with IgA too since 2010 my GFR is 31. It's been dwindling down kind of slow for me I don't know why.
        I'm taking a blood pressure pill RAMIPRIL 5 mg. also sodium bicarbonate when I feel like it ( they say take it every day but I don't ).
        My cholesterol is high now so I take SIMVASTATIN.
        Everybody is different although we have the same type of CKD.
        I wish I could go vegan but I love chicken... But hey just to warn you some vegan items are loaded with stuff we need to limit like POTASSIUM ... Its loaded so watch out.
        Even though it's vegan you still need to watch PROTIEN LIMIT too!!
        I know it's hard!!! It's all about balance for me.... This is how I balance... I know bananas is high in potassium but I take ONE BITE about once or twice a month cause there might be something I need in it... That's just me🍌 I'm a banana.
        Take care and keep your head up🌺


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          I have been on dialysis fo 3 years, Pd then hemo. My GFR is 4, I started dialysis at 6% I have neuropathy and was prescribed gabapentin. It has helped me tremendously! I suggest you ask your Neph about it.