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One of very first patients on dialysis

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  • One of very first patients on dialysis

    I had my kidneys shut down when I was 2 1/2 in 1969,and I am one of the first patients on dialysis. I have written up in nephrology journals all over the world. Two years ago my contractor was working on my heating /AC unit and left the tubing to the ventilation disconnected releasing carbon monoxide . I was directly exposed and I knew it would affect my renal function. I saw my nephrologist after the fire department was there, plus the gas company. I have (HUS) Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and I was in stage 1 of Chronic Kidney Disease, but after I was exposed to the carbon monoxide it pushed me to stage 2 and I am now heading toward stage 3.

    It was June 1969 that I was written up in nephrology journals. Luckily I just happened to live in Cleveland , OH and I was rushed to the Cleveland Clinic. I was very ill and had to be put on dialysis.