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  • Vesicouretural Reflux

    I have recently been informed that I have vesicouretal reflux and this is most likely what has caused my kidney disease. I am stage 3 and my GFR is 42. I'm also 29 and can't find much information about this in adults. Is there anyone who has this same problem and can tell me anything. Treatments, your symptoms, etc.

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    I too have a Vesicouretural reflux. I am currently 49 years old. At birth I had a grade 10 reflux. At 2 years of age I had surgery and it corrected it to a stage 2 reflux. So I have been at CKD stage 1 since the age of 2. I have 70% atrophy of one kidney and 30% atrophy of the other all thought to have been from 2 years old. But until now my GFR has been normal. Now I am in CKD stage 2 close to the CKD stage 3 number. I also have spongy kidneys, chronic uti, and chronic kidney stones. I am on a daily antibiotic as prophylactic to keep from kidney infections. All of my UTI are kidney infection due to the reflux. I have been under an urologist care for as long as I can remember. I have an appointment with my primary physician next week and plan to ask her if it is time for me to see a Nephrologist due to my 3 kidney problems. I have never been able to get life insures due to the reflux puts you at a higher change for End Stage Kidney disease. Start your Renal diet. Take the class that Davita offers. I know my kidneys have always worked hard; now I have to be very good with my choices to eat and drink to give my kidneys the best I can.