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Anemia Symptoms?

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  • Anemia Symptoms?

    Hi everyone,

    I am curious about some of the symptoms that those with anemia have experienced. According to my last set of labs (from about two months ago), I am not anemic, but I was borderline...although, I realized that on my own, without the help of my doctor, so no one has spoken to me about the possibility or signs of anemia. However, I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately...headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath/rapid heart rate (only twice, occurring at the same time), difficulty sleeping and easily emotional (hopefully readers get as good of a chuckle as I do when I think about it, but I literally cried watching Bobby Flay cook a lasagna on the Food Network). From the research I have done online, it sounds like it could be anemia, but some of the symptoms don't seem to line up. Let me note that I do have hyperparathyroidism, which seems to have some shared symptoms with anemia. I am on medication for it, but my levels have proven to be difficult to control, albeit it is much better than it was originally. The uncontrolled level doesn't seem to be a concern of the doctor as she has not spoken to me about it. I moved up my appointment date and plan to see a new nephrologist, so hopefully I will be finding out more information soon, from a more involved and informative doctor. Until then, I would love to hear some feedback on what others have experienced with anemia, or if someone identifies these symptoms with another issue. Thank you in advance for any responses!