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Solutions for AM Aches and Fatique?

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  • Solutions for AM Aches and Fatique?

    Does anyone else experience achy muscles (legs, shoulders), lack of cardiovascular endurance, and/or a touch of dizziness early in the morning? I'm stage IV with anemia, and getting to work on time everyday feels like going to battle. Just walking from the parking deck to the building leaves me exhausted. Once I'm in the office, however, my energy level improves and the day usually goes fine.

    How do you cope with those early-morning challenges? Are there exercises, foods, or habits that help you get going?

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    I experienced the same issues before starting dialysis, as well as mild nausea, occasional diarrhea, and a decent amount of itching. If you are anemic, you need iron. Unfortunately, being pre-dialysis, the best source of iron is from meat, which you need to avoid. Your best short-term choice (assuming that you are not diabetic) is to keep a lot of carbs handy.

    I think you need to consider staring dialysis. Once you get past the first week, you'll feel a lot better.


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      I feel the exact same way. I also am in stage 4. I haven't found anything helpful either. I usually just try to plug on thru till I feel a bit better . I just tell my co-workers not to ask how I am till after 10 am. I'm anemic too.


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        georgette98" Nuts and cheese or milk products can cause itching before dialysis. Especially Almonds. They make me itch even after being on dialysis for a year and a half. By the time I started dialysis I had figured out all the foods that caused itching an took them out of my diet. It really helped when I started my diet for dialysis accept I am having a hard time eating protein. Also, drinking the protein drinks causes me to throw up so I eat a lot of eggs only, white chicken, and limited as to how much I want to eat and some fish. I also get iron every Wednesday at this point to keep my blood work good.


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          Originally posted by dac0214 View Post
          the best source of iron is from meat, which you need to avoid.
          This statement is false. There are many foods out there that have higher iron content than red meat.

          1. mollusks
          2. liver (from any animal)
          3. squash and pumpkin seeds
          4. nuts
          5. RED MEAT & lamb
          6. beans and pulses
          7. whole grains
          8. dark leafy greens
          9. dark chocolate
          10. Tofu

          Morel mushrooms are also a good source of iron. So you see, red meat is not the highest on the list for iron content.


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            I can no longer put my socks on in the morning due to severe cramping. I put them on at night, problem solved.