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Are they KIDDING???!!!!!!

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  • Are they KIDDING???!!!!!!

    This article that I just read is stunning to me.

    I read it and thought "Are they kidding???". One of the doctors makes this unbelievable comment --
    "Regrettably, very little is known about diet and renal disease progression," said Dr. Tang"

    Wow, all they need to do is go online to kidney failure forums like this one and they would find plenty of information about how much diet has helped people. EVERY article I read online when I first got diagnosed said the same thing -- DIET IS KEY TO SLOWING DOWN OR MAINTAINING THE PROGRESSION OF CKD!!!!!!!!

    If what they have found though is correct, it is another step forward in fighting/treating this horrible disease.

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    I have found help through facebook.. I am tentatively going through here ..


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      I find that what the docs know about fits on a clipboard. I m stage four comming up on 5. I eat all the right things take all my meds and I always feel very weak and sick. I have periods of tremendous dehydration no matter how much water I drink. do you have any advice?


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        Hello kilgore,

        If you are seeing a nephrologist and he/she is running Renal Panels to determine creatinine, GFR and BUN levels, especially over time, that will tell quite a bit about where you are headed (ESRD) and how fast or slow you may get there. It your loss of kidney function is appreciable, it is not likely that diet alone is going influence your condition for the better, and may only help slow progression. The dehydration symptom is frequently associated with diabetes, which is responsible for a very percentage of lost kidney function to the point of kidney failure. I recall that nearly 80% of dialysis patients are diabetic, having lost their kidney function from the effect of diabetes.