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I need some advice!!!!

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  • I need some advice!!!!

    I have stage 3 kidney disease. I have been feeling nauseous and fatigued for as long as I can remember. When I complain to my nephrologist, he tells me my levels are stable and that my symptoms are not kidney related. I am feeling a little indifferent because everything that I have been reading says my symptoms are kidney related. Also, the fact that I still feel terrible is still on the table. What Should I Do, HEEELLLP!!!!

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    I would ask the doctor just what are the numbers and at what number he would start dialysis?
    Have you changed your diet,activity level, or had your hemog llike being right abut maybe needing Dialysis
    I would suggest keep a log of when you feel the worst ; include what you had to eat, what you were doing prior to feeling so sick and then go to a General Practictioner and get a complete exam being able to tell him or her what is happening. You know how you feel and when armed with this empiracle data you might get to the bottom of it.
    When i started DialysisnI wasn't even feeling bad; but it is different for everybody.
    I pray it will be fixed easily without the need for Dialysis, because while it is a life saving treatment it isn't real pleasant while doing it and it poses problems of its own. I now past y 15th year on "D" and am thankful to the Lord God Almighty maker of heaven and earth. good luck!


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      I'm also in 3rd stage GFR 38 as of 1-3-2014. I've been experiencing loss of appetite, nausea and fatigue. I just saw a nephralogist on Wednesday. He isn't concerned at all either. As a matter of fact, he says I'm far from being serious, that they (nephralogists) consider anyone with GFR 60 and above are normal, so he considers me with just barely CKD. I'm right there with you, wondering what should I do?


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        Kidneys are significant organs in our body, they can not only discharge metabolic products and toxins out of the blood, but also can produce a kind of hormone known as Erythropoietin.

        In stage 3 CKD, the damaged kidneys fail to work adequately, then, there will be less EPO and red blood cells. If left untreated, anemia will come into being. After clinical research, experts at our Long Hai Kidney Disease Hospital concluded that anemia is the main cause of fatigue.

        Proper diet To alleviate anemia, a proper diet is very significant. Here, I suggest patients to eat some whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, but not all the fresh fruits and vegetables are suggested, as some are loaded in potassium or phosphorus.

        Medicines In some cases, doctors may prescribe patients with some EPO or iron pills to help treat fatigue.

        Effective treatment After the above analysis, we can realize that the core of treatment should not merely eliminating symptoms but also repair kidney damage. Once kidney function is restored, kidneys can work normally and produce enough EPO.


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          I don't want this to be run the doc's into the ground but... Sometime your concerns feel blown off. A little info and some reassurance would be a big help. A person feels new symptoms and you kind of go into panic mode. And the doc's dismiss you concerns.


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            Squicky wheel gets the grease. I've had to send email, from DaVita home page, and talk to the regional boss when I see him. Also my wife a strong advocate for me, when I can't be.


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              Go on a low protien diet and stay hydrated it has helped me with the nausea. If your doctor wants to limit your fluid intake then stay with what he says. I can always tell I overdid my protein by the amount of nausea I have the next day.

              I stick with 77 grams of protein a day and I count the protein in bread and pasta. I drink 64 oz of water everyday. I have a large 32 oz cup with a straw and I sip sip sip till its gone and I do it again in the afternoon.

              I stick with mostly poultry, fish, veg (peanut butter) and sparingly red meat. The kidneys have a tough time filtering it out of your body. All my protein portions are small the size of a deck of cards.

              Only use tylentol for pain.

              Sometimes even when I do everything right I still get some nausea in the mornings but its better then it was.

              Good luck, I am new at this myself, 4 months. I work in the medical field, and my nephro sat down with me for an hour going over all this information and I scour the internet looking up questions.
              GFR 45
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                Is hard to go through all this I was found with my problem at eight tray to get as much info u can