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  • Nervous

    Been feeling poorly for over 2 months now. Went to the Dr. yesterday and they drew blood and took a urine sample. Got a call from the Dr. this morning and was told there was protein and blood in my urine. I have an appointment Monday for a ct scan and I see a kidney Dr. on Feb 13th for the 1st time. It may also be helpful to know that I am also HIV positive, and have high blood preasure. This is all getting kind of scary.


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    Well, if you have polycystic kidneys, the high blood pressure is to be expected.


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      I went for several years with elevated protein in my urine and hypertension. I was able to push off dialysis and kidney failure for quite a while by managing my diet. But, now I'm on dialysis and I can tell you, it's not so bad. It's a few hours a week but gives me many hours to enjoy the rest of my life. As bad as it may seem, it's not. You came to the right place. Plenty of help and support here.

      If you should require one-on-one support, the National Kidney Foundation has a peer-ro-peer counselling program. See They also have pages with lots of information that may help.

      Best of luck to you. It's a rocky path but well worn by many others who've walked it before us.

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