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Update on anemia

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  • Update on anemia

    I thought I'd post an update as I learned something at the nephrologist that I did not know before. I'm sure some of you all ready know this, but I didn't. Perhaps it will help some of you.

    I am anemic, but my iron levels are fine so I no longer need to take iron supplements. Apparently the kidneys make a hormone called Erythropoietin which stimulates the bone marrow to makes red blood cells. My kidneys don't make enough of this hormone so that is why I'm so tired. There is a man made replacement that dialysis patients take, but insurance companies will not pay for it for Chronic Kidney Disease patients that are not in end-stage renal failure. That's discouraging because even though it has list of pretty scary possible side effects, it would still be nice to have the choice.

    So I will keep on taking care of my family as well as I can. I'm sad for my my little boys because I just don't do as much as I did with their big sisters when they were little. It's really hard chasing them. I hate being a good person and walking only to have to come home and go to bed. I hate having to forgo exercising because I have somewhere else I have to be afterwards and can't take a nap. I hate being so tired that I have to force myself to cook. I love cooking.

    It occurred to me last night that even though my husband takes wonderful care of the little guys and helps me get the teenage girls to all their after school activities, he can't cook. My teenage girls don't cook either. Well, one of them will cook hot dogs, the other Mac and cheese. They would never take the time to cook the way I have to eat. So I'm going to have to figure out some ideas of what I can eat when I'm too tired to fix it.