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stage 3 ckd with grey skin tone

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  • stage 3 ckd with grey skin tone

    hello, new to the group here. I have IgaN, I'm at Stage 3 with my CKD right now and sometimes I take on a slate gray appearance. It comes and goes. I don't really notice it myself, it's others who tell me. When I look at pictures which were taken when I was this color I can see the difference but my nephrologist doesnt think it's related to my kidney disease. Can anyone wiegh in here? I see that Stage 5 has this issue reported, something about 'urochromes', but nothing about stage 3. Is it really unusual for this to happen at my stage? It's really embarassing when it happens. People will stare at me at work and I hate the comments. I just can't figure out why it comes and goes, it's so strange.
    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.