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How long until stage 4 becomes stage 5?

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  • How long until stage 4 becomes stage 5?

    My husband has been stage 4 for a year. We were set for a transplant & the doctors suddenly said to wait another year. His creatinine has been up and down since May & the numbers range from 2.4 to 3.6. Right now I'm good to donate, but since I'm not a spring chicken I'm worried that I may have some issues down the road that will cancel the transplant. So my question is, how long does stage 4 last?

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    Hi Katie! My Neph says that when your GFR hits around 15 then you're at stage 5. There's a GFR calc here in the tools section that you can use to figure out what your husband's is. It's usually somewhere on his labwork too.

    Hope that helps!


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      Thank you Jems. I'll take a look at that tools section to look look at the GFR with the creatinine scores that we have. That will be very helpful. Right now, his transplant is on hold until he gets worse & I'm trying to figure out if he has 6 months, a year or 5 years until he's approved for a transplant.


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        [QUOTE=KateyOB;41467]"My husband has been stage 4 for a year. We were set for a transplant" QUOTE]


        I just saw my renal doctor on Monday and he told me that when my GFR goes down to 20, then he will discuss with me about the transplant. At this point, mine is 24%.

        Hope this helps.



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          My husband has been at 11% for a few months and his doctor says he is not ready yet to go on dialysis. I guess it depends on whether you have other symptoms or not and how bad they are.