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Just got back from a few days in the Smokies!

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  • Just got back from a few days in the Smokies!

    It was very beautiful, but I feel AWFUL. I didn't feel good before we went. I'm dreading going to the nephrologist for my checkup in a couple months.

    I need ideas on how I can still go on vacation. We usually rent a vacation home (big family) so I do make at least two meals a day and can keep my sodium levels lower. I take it easy. We were usually back by 2, but I still was totally wiped out. Any ideas on how to make this easier.

    CKD Stage 3

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    Hi Becky: Have you been checked for anemia? I'm stage 3 also and I have anemia---like you I have been wiped out. My kidney doc sent me for an iron infusion which helped alot. Anemia is a side effect of kidney disease. I took iron pills for a year, but my numbers went down. I just wanted to sleep all the time! Talk to your doc. Good luck!



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      Yes, I am anemic and taking medication for it. Unfortunately, my appt is not until and my nephrologist does not discuss such unless it is appt time.


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        I am very sorry to hear about your condition, but I don't think this is much serious. So you will have to take good care of yourself and take proper food and diet.
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