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    Hello everyone!
    I find this website to be inspiring to me. I need it right now.
    I was diagnosed with stage 4 in 2011 after having a transplant in 2002. I thouht it would last forever.
    I am wondering how long people can live with stage 4 before going on dialysis? What is the longest that you have been through or heard of before going on dialysis?
    I feel like a science experiment at this point.

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    A lot of things go into how long you can live with Stage 4 kidney disease. First of all, how well you manage your diet will contribute to the length of time you have at stage 4. You probably need to follow a lower protein diet with lower sodium and watching your potassium intake.
    It's important to know the amount of protein that you are losing in your urine as well, it's called proteinuria. If you are losing a large amount, like 2+, you may reach dialysis sooner than someone who is not.
    What does your nephrologist say about what you should be doing for diet restrictions? If they have not told you, you need to ask.


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      Thank you for answering. I have been not given any diet restrictions from the doctor. I do know that I need a lower sodium diet. I do not eat that much protein, my body tells me when I have had enough (upset stomach and GURD). Not pleasant at all.
      The doctors also say that it could be anytime. It all depends on how I am feeling. I have a lot of symptoms other then the metalic taste in the mouth and feeling dirty all the time. ( I do remember that from the first time around). My creatine is sitting at 3.0 for the last fifteen months. My GFR is 17. My potassium runs on the lower side.
      I am hoping for a long time without dialysis, but feel like crap all the time........


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        I was on dialysis ten years ago due to Glomerular Nephritis for about 6 weeks and miraculously started to pee again! Since then I have been in Stage 4 .
        I do go to a Nephrologist every 3 months and am on an array of medications.I have been Anemic and deficient in Vitamin D.
        The doctor is unable to tell me how long I can last before going on dialysis which I dread.However,he has never given me any diet advice or restrictions.


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          Hi Caminiti4....My name is Debbie (this is the very first time I've been here, just started today). I too was transplant 4 yrs. ago (Dbl. Lung) and recently been told I am in stage 3. Like you...I thought I would last forever! Just wondring if any Drs. have mentioned a kidney transplant? I am new to this but my Dr. did ask me if I were open to the suggestion. I mean this in the nicest way...Darlin you have been a science project since 2002.. I don't have much information at this point....give me a few weeks. ASK YOUR DR! I always ask my husband to go with me and he stands in front of the door till I am fully satisfied and understand. Best of luck to you, I will be watching you.
          God Bless.....


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            Hello Caminiti,
            I been stage 4 for two years now suffering from Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis currently my GFR is 27%.Back in May June July it was 24% I have and appointment November caus ei go every Three months. Unless my GFR is whacky then I go every two months. .And I 'm not on dialysis nor do I even have a fistula put in or anything for me to do dialysis.So it just depends on diet and excerise