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  • New subscriber / please reply

    I am new to this location.
    Before I post our questions, could you please tell me if my email is coming through?
    A little about me - My name is Sandi and I have a teenage son, Cole who just turned 13. He has Chronic renal Failure and is seen at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
    I am looking to connect to other parents and also I would like Cole to connect with other teenager or kids.
    I feel that a support group or a way to connect with others dealing with similiar issues would enhance our lives greatly. That is why I am here.

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    Re: New subscriber / please reply

    Hi Sandie. Welcome to the Davita forum. I am not a teen nor am I the parent of a child with CKD. But I want to say, you have come to a community of people of all ages who can offer support and share personal experiences with you and Cole. The weekends can be slow sometimes, so if you don't get responses right away, please try and post again.

    May you always have Love to share, Health to spare, and Friends that care

    Acute Kidney Function Loss 12/07 - GFR 39
    Current GFR 46 - Stage 3 - Controlled HBP


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      Re: New subscriber / please reply

      KLS does your son have FSGS or Nephrotic Syndrome or IGA nephropathy?
      ckd,stage3,due to birth defect/refulx,controlled b/p