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CKD and Gout combination

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  • CKD and Gout combination

    I was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis when I was 22. I had probably had it much longer. Now at age 70 I am fighting rising levels of uric acid among other things.
    I find it hard to follow the davita diet and a gout diet as the 2 seem to be in conflict. Anyone out there with similar experience ? I am at stage 4 CKD. I also have episodes of gout arthritis and osteo. I never know what will set one or the other off.

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    My doctors were Albee to work out a plan where I could take a low dose of Allopurinol. Helped me sooo much. But the key was my two Doctors communicating with each other !


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      I also have gout and am in stage 5 and 61 years old. I have taken daily doses of allopurinol for almost my entire adult life. This makes following the kidney diet much easier when you also don't have to figure on fighting gout at the same time. Good Luck!