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  • Tired all the time

    Hi I'm stage 3b and have been for 10 year. My current Creatinine is 1.94 which is high for me. I have high potassium and high uric acid levels. I'm just so exhausted all of the time. I don't what to do to help with that. I am obese and will be having weight loss surgery in two months. Hoping that would help. Any other suggestions?

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    Exercise has helped me a lot with the chronic fatigue. I know what you're thinking because I used to think the same thing: I'm too tired to exercise AND I HATE to exercise. But I had a cardiac event in April and then they started me on cardiac rehab. I was the youngest person in the class and thought, oh great, this should be fun (not). But it really surprised me. It was nothing terribly difficult either. Started with treadmill and hand bike. Soon I added strength training. It did not take long at all for me to start noticing that I had more energy and within a month I felt better and more energetic than I had in 15 years. And when something makes you feel good, you start to look forward to it.


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      Forgot to mention, I'm in stage 4.


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        Hello Jackie. I'm sorry to hear that you are tired. Have you been checked for anemia ? It is possible that your epo levels are low, thusly, not producing
        ​as many rbc as you need. Potassium is important to kidney patients. If they are very high, I suspect the doctor will recommend you to limit your
        ​intake. That can be difficult. Such things as banana's, orange juice, tomatoes,along with some nuts, are high in potassium, and therefore need
        ​to be limited. The high uric acid could be related to kidney function. The high levels of uric acid can lead you to getting gout. A common medication
        ​to help get uric acid out of your system is allopurinol. Also kidney disease can make you tired. Excerise could build your strength, and maybe lead
        to you being less tired.
        ​I hope the best for you


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          Hi I am a new member my name is Brenda. I am stage 5. I had the severest case of gout one could ever have. I did my research. I would not recommend taking ​Allopurinol. I found out eating cherries or cherry juice is better. Allopurinol only raised my creatinine list. I am stage 5 and I am on the Kidney transplant list.
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            yes, there is rx guidance on the use and dosage of allopurionol with lowered gfr. That is why it is important to have a conversation with your doctor.