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  • CBD Oil

    Anyone have experience using CBD oil to help with inflammation in the kidneys? My protein excretion is pretty high with IGA nephropahy, I've been through a round of high dose steroids twice and can only achieve partial remission. Desperate for a new therapy...

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    I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with polycystic kidney disease. My father died 3 years before this from kidney cancer and I was very concerned. The nephrologist I was sent to told me don't take any Advil and that was about it. The last time I visited him he told me "get ready for dialysis. Not gonna do it so I started looking for a way to improve kidney function and found a few supplements can get those number back up just enough to keep me off of dialysis for the past five years. I also have gout really, really bad. Aspirin doesn't work in fact, nsaids make it worse, I finally did the deed and got a medical marijuana card. That helped a bunch with the pain. I tried the CBD oil and had nothing noticeable from it. I don't think marijuana will do much for the kidneys but it does help me cope with all the restrictions.


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      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is absolutely nothing that will "bring back" kidney function. Anybody who tells you otherwise is either a scam artist, a quack, an idiot or a nutjob.

      If you want to delay dialysis, you can try the low-protein diet, but get ready to lose a lot of muscle, and be tired a lot. I tried this for 2 years, and ended up anemic and malnourished.
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        I think that's what will happen to me. I'm low protein and feel like I'm hungry a lot. I'm increasing fluids, not going crazy about it either. I need to review the dietitian papers and look for food ideas.