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  • Looking for a common friend

    I am stage 5 right now my GFR is at 9% I am feeling pretty lousy and scared what's to come. I don't have a nephrologist as I can't afford one. No insurance. I know Medicare will open up for me once I start Dialysis but not until and for now I'm too scared to start that treatment. my free clinic Dr gets regular blood work on me to keep track of my GFR but that's about all. my blood pressure is completely out of control and no matter how many meds my Dr puts me on we can't get it down right now it's running 224/ 120 I hate the meds I'm on the side effects are horrid. I'm torn on just getting hospice care for pain until my time is up it seems I don't have much longer my Dr says maybe 3 months. Im so overwhelmed and Im sick of being sick

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    Hi, my GFR was stage 5 started dialysis 6 months ago, was scary but felt better after dialysis and with strict diet now stage 4 ,blood pressure still high also have type 2 diabetes's. I wish you peace of mind what ever you decide. .


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      What was your gfr when you started dialysis? Have been going to neph. since feb. thanks. I also have type two diabetes.


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        ive been stag 5 for 10 years i do peritoneal and its amazing compared to hemo, not a limited on the diet or liquids( i still urinate) i hope this help you in deciding


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          heres my email if need more help or info