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  • Mulitvitamins


    I was wondering if anyone takes a good renal friendly multivitamin? I read somewhere there are several vitamins or minerals in a supplement that is not healthy for the kidney to process.. Besides the B complex which I read are okay, anyone know of a safe one to purchase and take.. Brand if allowed to mention.

    My husband has a couple other health issues and it would be great to keep him on a daily vitamin!

    He is 61 and out of nowhere came his high creatinine and low GFR count.(also recently told of his prostate cancer) .. all new to me, and thankful for Divita..especially n the menu planning and tracking and wonderful forums! He is healthy and active.. so hope to work with diet to have this at standoff a long time!

    Thanks in advance.
    And a happy & healthy day to you!

    Beachwalkmm / MaryAnn

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    I was diagnosed about 13 years ago. My primary care immediately recommended a B complex supplement. If your husband is on a "blood thinner," as I am, he should not take multivitamins, as the Vitamin K in them counteracts the blood thinner. Be sure you discuss this with your nephrologist and/or primary care before giving him any other medications.
    Have you tried the recipes? They are fantastic!
    I hope you are still checking for responses to your post. Sorry you've had to wait since May. Best wishes to both you and your husband. Take care of BOTH of you!


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      Agree Poozy1238; I am level 3. Best to ask your Doctor as what works for one may not for another. My Doctor prescribed a senior multi vitamin. It seems to be working?