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  • Tracker Not Working Properly

    I am new to DaVita and also old, so it may be operator error, 🤔 But I am diligent entering and building new foods into my creations and tracker. I have a concern about calcium. The blank box has a % sign next to this nutrient. When I enter 2 for a nutrition label value of 2% and save my entry everything should be good, right?

    Well after a week of entering my food intake, I noticed calcium levels off the chart so to speak. Going back to every item I entered with my creations for calcium, instead of the correct 2% per my example above, the food item shows 200% when I entered 2% and the food tracker shows 200mg for that item.

    This problem is replicated for any value I insert for calcium. My concern is are the other numbers I have entered also being incorrectly processed and if so, how can this be corrected.

    Thanks. Oh and by the way when I clicked on help and support on the DaVita website expecting to see a contact number or email address all that I saw was a history of DaVita, interesting but I was hoping DaVita had some help team. Again, I opened my post with my limitations so I very well could be to blame, but I am posting on the Forum to see if others have had this or similar problems and if so,how did you get it corrected?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    Oops, and the Preview button says there is an unknown error so forgive me for grammar, spelling or other errors that I didn't correct.

    PS: I haven't noticed any other nutrient issues but most of the information you enter a gram or mg amount and not a %.

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    Hi Belowpar,
    DaVita dietitian Sara here.Thanks for reporting these two issues. I was able to replicate the calcium issue in a new Food Creation and have reported it for investigation. Look for a private message from me in your forum mailbox so we can connect once our team resolves the issue. I've also reported the Contact Form issue and it is being investigated now.


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      FYI--the Help and Support issue has been resolved. Thanks again for reporting it to us.


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        Sara, you are wonderful. You have helped me with very prompt answers in my short association with DaVita. I apologize if I was out of order by asking the Forum, I dint intend to go around protocol. I read and replied to your private message and will assist any way I can.


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          No problems with asking through the forums. Thanks for your message. I'll let you know once the calcium issue is investigated and resolved.