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above what creatinine level should we consider dialysis

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  • above what creatinine level should we consider dialysis

    hi all...
    im new here

    i have a cret. level of 4.38....currently?!
    i was born with one 54, male, white....stage 4 ckd

    no issues, all blood tests are good..just the usual thing with the tests of little higher values of uric acid, and urea...
    im on light hyper tension medication....

    and my second question would be , i did a test for my cret. after eating a burger the previous day..and i do consume alot of orange juice...would that effect my cret. levels?
    my previous cret. level last year was 3.31...

    i dont have any side effects..other than short breath at times...

    i would like some medical insight as i am concerned....

    and what foods should i cut out of my daily diet to help reduce the cret. levels?

    thank you very much!

    looking forward to discussion here....

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    Hi rsmotors, welcome to myDaVita!

    I'd recommend you direct any specific diet or medical related questions to your local care team and dietitian as everyone's needs are different.

    Have a great weekend!


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      thanks Kelsey ....And id like to get some response on the rest too ;-)

      appreciate it...