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I refuse to get hung up on GFR

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    Originally posted by Dal1959 View Post
    I fully understand the theory and "science" behind it but I am still not buying it. I look at it but cannot take too much stock in this number. Certainly not as a "stand alone" number. I am a 57 year old, white male with pretty decent muscle tone. Am I to understand that if a 57 year old, black man, made up of nothing but skin and bones has the same creatinine level as me, his GFR is going to be 6 points higher? That is just silly.

    I have two nephrologists. I see one for my tests, progress and treatments and a second for back-up opinion and consultation. The second Dr. is a "old time" Dr. and is semi - retired now but has worked at Mayo clinic and taught at Emory in Atlanta for 17 years. He tells me that "GFR means nothing" He states that if you want to know your approximate kidney function remaining, you take 100 and divide it by your creatinine level. Example; my last test showed my creatinine was at 2.27. 100 divided by 2.27 = 44% kidney function. He also states to use as average due to regular fluctuations of 10 - 15% from test to test. Has anyone else heard of this "formula" before?

    However, he also says that at my age, at my current level, I could easily live the rest of my life without dialysis or a transplant. Sometimes you just need to hear that stuff.
    I like that formula. Right now my GFR is around 12. My creatin is about 4. That would make my kidney function 25. Love that no. Thanks


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      This is interesting because I am 1.56 creatinine and my kidney function is 64. Here I was going with what the calculator was saying that I was at 35%. So which one is it? Am I 64 or am I 35? This is confusing. I am on 120 mg of Lasix because of CHF and Kidney disease which I am in 3 stage. I try to teach everyone around me about kidney disease and what it can do to a person. I want to stay away from dialysis as long as I can.