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  • concerned about labs

    In the midst of battling IH my potassium dropped and wouldn't recover (despite the rx) so my docs ran some tests. My renin was 21 and aldosterone was 140 (norm 21) the nurse was freaked. I am waiting to see a nephrologist now. Oh yea my gfr was 53.
    These numbers seem pretty out of whack to me. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi. your GFR is still pretty high. That's a good thing. I had a similar thing happen with my potassium as well and my GFR was 29. What they did for me was put me in the hospital and administer potassium through a I.V. (not fun!, it burns!) but it's necessary because with your potassium that low, it can effect your heart. I'm thinking this could be the concern of the nurse. what are they suggesting to do in your situation? I hope my experience with low potassium helps you out a bit. I'm here if you need to talk. You might need to get the potassium administered in the hospital for a couple days. (like I did) you will feel a LOT BETTER afterwards. As I mentioned your GFR is still pretty high so hopefully they can get these things taken care of and balance you out. In my case for whatever reason my potassium does continue to get low. I'm currently on a RX of potassium to help my balance.I wish you the best .


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      I was diagnosed not long ago. And the analyses I made were really bad. Now, I'm afraid to go to the hospital. I feel that I can lose my consciousness. And I'm at a loss... What to do?
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        Four weeks ago my lab results on potassium was 5.2 and GFR was 17. My Nephralogist was trying to find out why my potassium is going up. I also had a Bladder infection at the time, so I went to my GP and questioned the Lisinopril maybe to be the cause of higher potassium levels.To make a long story short... I stopped the Lisinopril and now my lab results are 4.7 for potassium and my GFR is up to 23. I'm on Glyburide, omaprozole, aspirins and atenolol. My question is... Is anyone on these medication and has experienced problem with potassium and FFRLevel.