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A Healthy Diet for Patients with Stage 3 CKD

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  • A Healthy Diet for Patients with Stage 3 CKD

    A healthy diet is crucial for Stage 3 CKD patients, but there is no ideal meal plan fitting every patient. Because making a suitable diet should depend on many factors such as kidney function, lab values, body size, nutritional status and health history, you can consult a dietitian for an individual diet plan if you have stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

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    I am a newly diagnosed CKD stage 3 although I fluctuate from a GFR around 29-33 and on my first visit to the nephrologist was just handed a sheet on protein and told I had CKD. Unsatisfied and with many questions I got a second opinion with another nephrologist and saw her NP whom I questioned thoroughly, and still was unable to get answers to my questions.I felt as though I was talking to a politician.I finally connected with the DaVita web site and found much of what I needed to know about CKD. I believe the first order of business when one is diagnosed with CKD stage 3 should always be a dietary consult. I know the diets are highly individualized, but certain aspects are shared by all CKD patients. I am already nauseous on a daily basis and becoming extremely lethargic at times.I have been able to relate these symptoms to previous meals where I probably went over the line in my protein intake as well as weight lifting and unable to process lactic acid build up as rapidly.I also have a history of liver transplant in 2010 and have frequent labs drawn which have all been WNLs Praise God! This helps in my diet control except when self will runs riot.


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      OK someone I can relate to....I am also newly diagnosed with STage 3 CKD and a liver recipient and basically had the same experience...I am currently using the DaVita website to do my own diet until I get my labs....I find DaVita an excellent tool...I am like you I am finding people are saying your ONLY in Stage 3 CKD and I was screaming I am in Stage 3 CKD and freaking out and they are like it is nothing....well I want to stay in stage 3 as long as possible and need any help you can offer....