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Just diagnosed with chronic kideny disease stage 3 my number is 45

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  • Just diagnosed with chronic kideny disease stage 3 my number is 45

    I am a 42 year old woman that weighs 94 pounds. My blood pressure is 90/59 and I dont have any history of diabetes and no history of kidney disease in my family. I am at a loss of words why my PCP never told me that I had this. from what I read their are different stages of this disease. Mine hovering in the middle of stage 3 Like I said on the post my number is 45. I dont even know how good or bad that is, maybe someone can explain it to me since my PCP hasn't told me much. I do have symptoms like having to go to the bathroom all the time. My eyes are swollen all the time and my hands get swollen all the time too. I havent had a period in 7 years and I'm cold all of the time. Can someone relate? please let me know.

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    your post is 2 month hope you are still reading. GFR goes from 100> down to 0.. under 60 is called stage 3. at 30 it becomes stage 4.. at 15 you need transplant or dialysis

    so you are in a better place that you thought. do reach GFR online and read up, there is a ton of info avail. you need to see a nephrology doc/urology etc for continued care now..ther may be more going on than the kidney issues to cause problems. I hope you see this.. look up the kidney foundation you can call them free and ask questions. and a kidney patient site has a group like this to answer questions.. read al you can on GFR. best of luck to one told me a thing for 24 months and I have one kidney only now after cancer took one.. so my own urology docs failed to do their job.

    swelling, cold. frequent urnation are symptoms of illness...follow up soon

    not sure why your weight was mentioned unless you are far below normal for your body size, then you already know you have health issues