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New to CKD with lots of complications

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  • New to CKD with lots of complications

    On August 29th, without much information, my fiances nephrologist changed his blood pressure medication from 100mg of Cozaar to 50mg of Lopressor. His only explaination was the Cozaar could be causing his Creatinine levels to be high. Unfortunately, my fiance didn't ask a lot of questions. While on our annual camping trip September 5th, he suffered from a massive stroke. Since, I have found out that on the August visit his Creatinine level was 2.6 and BUN 56...24% function,at stage 4. A little more background, my fiance had been diabetic since age 9, he has high blood pressure, he is 38. Now he is also paralyzed on the left side and blind in the right eye. He was once left handed but is now learning to write with his right hand. He is scheduled to have surgery on his left eye on the 27th of January. Diabetic retinopathy. I took him to an ortho doctor on Friday January 5, 2012 for a consult for a shoulder injury that he received from a fall since his stroke. The doctor did a cortisone injection and at no time explained that this could cause an increase in bp, bs, knowing that he was still recovering. He was actually dismissed from inpatient rehab the following day but admitted through the emergency room on Sunday with a Creatinine level of 3.2, BUN of 67, Blood Glucose of 619 and Blood Pressure of 190/120. At no time did the Nephrologist explain that he was having severe kidney issues, no diets or livestyle changes were discussed, no brochures or information was given. My fiance just thought his bloodwork was a little off. The Dr. did not consult his other physician before changing the blood pressure medication or even inquire how his blood pressure had been running. My advice is ask lots of questions. And I have lots of questions. Where do we go from here? We have a consult with the NEW nephrologist tomorrow. When should we be thinking of dialysis? Can a person with this many other complications qualify for a transplant? Where can I find good information? What foods do I need to avoid at all costs ( and remember he is also on a cardiac/diabetic diet)? Help! Please and thank you!!

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    Re: New to CKD with lots of complications

    Hi hixgirl. I just found out I had stage 3 from being diabetic ( type 1) last year . Just wanted to tell you that sodas. Are bad for the kidneys especially ones with caramel coloring , kidneys can't filter it and also gravey, ice cream . Good luck