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    I'm new to Davita. Just recently found out that I have a third stage kidney disease. Still in a state of shock since I thought I was leading a very healthy life. Would like to know if anyone has back pain's with the illness. Thank you.

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    Hi WolfSong! I'm new here too and also just found out I'm in stage 3a. Yes, back pain is common I was told. I have arthritis in my back and a couple old back injuries which have given me back pain for years. When I complained my back pain was worse, it was chalked up to my fibromyalgia. Now I'm being told it's probably from my kidneys. I would mention your back pain to your doctor to be sure there isn't another reason though. Good luck to you! Hugs!


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      I am in stage 4 of CKD. I have a bone spur on my back, so that gives me pain, but the kidney pain is a little lower down; not constant, but often enough to let me know something is wrong. Good luck to you and keep talking to your nephrologist or doctor. This DaVita site has answers to many questions if you just check around a little bit. This forum is a good source of information too, so keep asking us questions. Chris