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How about when you're only cooking for 1?

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  • How about when you're only cooking for 1?

    I've browsed all of the cookbook. I don't see much in small enough amounts that 1 person can make, without having a ton of leftovers to have to store. I don't have a very big freezer space on my refrigerator. I can't be the only single person out there trying to cope with this. Any help out there would be appreciated.
    I'm new to this and it's hard enough to figure out what I can and can't eat. I'm stage 3. The stuff I got from the nutritionist at the hospital wasn't much help. It was a list for low/no sodium; another list for low potassium, and another list for low phosphates. What is ok on 1 list is not ok on one of the others. So far I've been sticking pretty much to fruits and vegetables and skinless chicken. Peanut butter and jelly are my new best friends. Like I said any help would deeply be appreciated

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    I know where your coming from.I was told 6 mos.ago that I had ckd stage three(to my surprise)I also was given the handouts about the various things to eat or not to eat.I still can't accept the amounts that are given in onces for meals.Lots of leftovers little space to store leftovers,small freezer space.I had that problem also.Then what I did was cut the ingredients in proportions to how much I was eating, most of the time in half.That helped somewhat ,but watch cooking times.I also was selective of what I ate,recipes with not too many ingredients I was a big user of the crockpot and I miss that because of leftovers. Some advise,keep close watch of your numbers,I hope that I was of some help.Big Chuck


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      Thanks for the reply Chuck. I tried to respond yesterday but there was some glitch in their server. I've tried cutting amounts of ingredients mostly with disastrous results. I'm not much of a cook but I'm trying. Last thing I want is to slide into stage 3B.


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        The DaVita Diet Helper has 2 features that you may find helpful. The DaVita Suggested meals (3 weeks with recipes) based on the protein and potassium levels you select (all the plans are low in sodium and phosphorus) are for single meals--perfect for one person. Second, the Recipe Search has a sorting feature. If you click on the carot beside "Servings" it will sort recipes by the number of servings. This makes it super easy to find the kidney-friendly recipes that make only 1-2 servings.


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          I am new to this as well and also struggle with cooking for one. However, as I have learned more as I explore the Da Vita diet planner, recipe search etc I am beginning to be a bit more comfortable. Meals for one are tough but I have had success wth freezing leftovers after the next day and it helps.

          Don't hesitate to ask Da Vita for help. I had a radical nephrectomy in February and my numbers which were always in the normal range immediately changed and classified me with stage 3A. Not only have I had to learn about living with kidney disease, I also had to learn how to cook healthier meals for myself as eating out and not knowing what the nutrient values of meals I did cook is no longer an option for me and my remaining kidney.

          I wish you the best and hang in there!