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    I was told last week that my Renal function is halfway down. I was told last week that my Renal function is halfway down. What the doctor has written down on the chart is Chronic Renal failure. I'm definitely symptomatic for being Stage 2, which my labs indicate, and my symptoms have been changing rather quickly over the last few months. I have urinary symptoms - that ammonia smell is unmistakable - and it is obvious that at least a couple prescription meds aren't metabolizing like they used to, even earlier this year.
    (1) Since my labs have only been done once, how would any doctor know this is really Chronic vs Acute?
    (2) Should I be so symptomatic at this stage, memory, cognition, pressure and ammonia smell with urination, edema?
    (3) By my blood work’s eGFR (50), I looked like Stage 3; by the urine from creatinine clearance test, I look like Stage 2 (eGFR was 78). Is that really supposed to be 50% Renal function?
    (4) I wasn't given any medication or dietary instructions for the 24 hour Creatinine Clearance. The lab sources I've found online give specific instructions. What do the rest of you know? I just hope my results are valid.

    I developed Polymyalgia Rheumatica last July. I was diagnosed and started on my doctor's preference of steroid protocols - a monthly injection. (I haven't found one other doctor who does that IM protocol instead of prescribing oral prednisone. When I asked about switching to taking oral prednisone, he refused. He also never gave me a description of what daily dose that came to.) I was on a low dose diuretic before I started steroids (HCTZ 25 mg for Meniere's and HTN), but only had to take that maybe every other day. Once I started the steroid injections, I had to start taking the diuretic every day. In November, I started having syncope. He ordered other tests but no labs. What doctor doesn't order labs when someone starts passing out?! The beginning of the year, I started having memory problems, and trouble articulating thoughts, much worse than my ADHD.

    Then I went in March 3rd with a 10 pound weight gain in one month; I had thick, pitting edema from my knees down. That started by February. He ordered labs, and a lot came up abnormal. I could see them in the patient portal, but nobody called me. They just waited till my next appointment in 4 weeks. Then they ordered one follow up test, a creatinine clearance. Indeed, according to my doctor, my kidneys are at 50%. That's my return for only a few months' reprieve from Polymyalgia. Instead of tapering me off the steroids for the Polymalgia, he simply discontinued the injections. He did not even tell me that we were discontinuing the steroids injections; he just did it. I'm lucky that I'm not in the hospital from complications from asthma.

    Creatinine 0.83
    Creatinine clearance 52
    eFGR 78

    BUN 48
    Creatinine 1.19
    Phos 3.5
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