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  • Nephrologist referral

    I am new to ckd 2, I have had ckd 1 all my life due to a vesicoureteral reflux. Went to doctor today and she is referring me to a Nephrologist. My BP has been going down with help from my low salt diet. I asked her how low does it need to get before I come back in to have my medicine adjusted. She said she wants my blood pressure as low as I can handle even in the 90/60 range. She doesn't think I'll be able to get off my hypertensive meds now that my kidneys are progressing in ckd. I go to see a renal dietitian on Saturday.

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    good luck ! I never got a dietitian so I think that is great. Diet does wonders. My Dr doesn't lower my meds until I am getting dizzy, but maybe thats a little to late. Only time i get my bp meds adjusted is when I lose weight.