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    I've been having a lot of joint pain, and occasional increase in BP. My Dr ordered labs to rule out RA. Now I see my GFR is 59 and my Potasium 5.2. He doesn't seem to be concerned. I have an appt tomorrow to ask for a referral to a nephrologist. My husband thinks I'm overreacting. I think long term high protein diet may be cause. Any ideas?

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    Welcome Barbara. You are never over reacting when it comes to your health. If your physician is not concerned, than I would not seek a nephrologist until your are in CKD stage 3 or you have spongy kidney disease, vesicouretal reflux, or kindey stones or other congenital kidney issue. I work at a hospital and I know our nephrologists don't accept patients without a referral from their physician for stage 3 CKD or any other kidney problems like listed above. If you have any listed above they don't require a physician referral. Yes a high protein diet can affect your kidney health. I am glad you found this site as I have. There are great resources especially the diet help meal plans and tracker. Move from high protein to average daily recommendation of protein; up your fruits and vegetables, cut out all processed food. My rule is if it comes from the ground it is okay to eat or drink. If it comes from a box or can and/or processed it is not good for me to eat; they mainly are sugar, salt, and fat. Hope this helps.