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3d Kidney Biopsy

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  • 3d Kidney Biopsy

    Was done 8/8/16. All started 2/2/16. Had sepsis of E-Coli that ate on my kidneys. Last biopsy showed 40% scar tissue and "on going"
    kidney infection that is no longer E-Coli. It is the same infection for last 3 months and am on Ciphro (Spelling?) nonstop. I am stage 3.
    I am lost???? I feel good! I race sailboats, feel good. I'm so afraid the other shoe will drop anytime. I have two nephrologists who are working to keep me going
    but my biopsy report is not encouraging. Why do I feel good? I've been through the 2 weeks in-hospital sent home with a pic line and on antibiotics IV
    at home from 3/16 to 5/16. Weekly nurse coming to home to check pic line. Anemia with Procrit many times and blood transfusions when my hemoglobin was in the 6's but
    now I feel good. I know I have problems coming but it sucks waiting for the other shoe to drop. Anyone else had this and what was your outcome?

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    Yes I have had those problems and I'm now on PD Dialysis at home and it gives me a normal life so to speak because I can still get out and go and do things in be with family and enjoy things and I can eat more than that I was able to eat while on hemodialysis but I understand what you say when you talk about the other shoe dropping because I've been there and I waited for the final outcome of my kidneys to fail and then I didn't want to go on dialysis and I refuse that for almost 6 months after I was diagnosed with kidney failure and I got sicker and sicker the food start tasting like I was eating metal it didn't have any taste to it the food and I got to the point where I didn't want to eat anymore I lost my appetite and I started throwing up water it seems cuz I didn't have any food in my stomach so at that point I was rushed to the hospital went into emergency surgery and had a a shunt put in my heart so that I can Be diaylised, but I can sure tell you some things...... overall don't worry about it it's not so bad like some people say it is my experience on dialysis started out scary and not knowing anything and too scared to ask because you don't want to wind up like that person ....


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      Blackhonesty did you leave an active life before your kidney disease progressed. Do you still live that?
      I'm sorry for your problems and now I only have 20% function and they tell me at 10% I will have to
      go on Dialysis. If you did or do travel how do you get the blood tests required in states other than your own?
      Thanks for your response.