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Sack lunch ideas for an adolesent

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  • Sack lunch ideas for an adolesent

    My 15 yr old son has been recently diagnosed with poly cystic kidney disease. School starts in a few weeks and I'm looking for sack lunch ideas that are kidney friendly. He is 6 ft. 6 in. tall, so how do I meet his nutritional needs for an adolesent with PKD and fill him up?

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    Hi froglady19, I'm sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis. Have you met with a local dietitian? They'll be able to provide specific advice on your son's diet. You can also try the DaVita Diet Helper: It will allow you to enter your son's nutritional targets (like daily potassium limits, for example) and then it helps you plan and track kidney-friendly meals that meet those goals. I hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out if you have any myDaVita questions in the future!

    Wishing you and your family all the best.


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      Generally, polycystic kidney disease doesn't start being a problem until middle age. I didn't need to watch my diet until in my mid 40's. Changing your diet won't change one bit the speed that polycystic disease will progress, so unless he's in stage 4 or better, you don't need to change anything. Certainly, putting a teenager on a low-protein diet would be silly.