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High creatinine level decrease

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  • High creatinine level decrease

    Can high creatinine level decrease with controlled glucose level and blood pressure? Has anyone been successful?

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    Consider reading Dr. Richard K Bernstein's book. He has a Wikipedia site where some of the book can be linked to for free or I'm sure it is available at the library. He has diabetes and was able to improve his kidney function with low carb diet.

    ​Off topic--not your question--but I've been able to move my creatinine level from 3.7 to 1.17 in a month with diet changes (going vegan with a small amount of protein) and hydration but I do not have glucose or blood pressure issues.


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      That’s awesome! I pray that my creatinine level return back to normal when I have my next doctor’s visit. She thinks that it will return back to normal because I was dehydrated when I took the blood test in the hospital.